About the Band

Moonlit Kit is a Los Angeles based band made up of Kit Nolan, Drew Steen, Ryan Riveros, and Tyler Moon. Drawing from influences as diverse as indie rock, 80’s synthpop, and shoegaze, Moonlit Kit manages to take its retro influences and put them into a fresh modern package. Led by Ryan Riveros and Tyler Moon’s shared passionate voices, the band crafts tracks full of emotion and heart.

The band was formed in 2016, while Kit and Drew toured the world with the Billboard Award Winning Violinist Lindsey Stirling. Kit would set up his mobile rig in dressing rooms across the globe, and the two musicians would flesh out arrangements on some of the world’s greatest stages, after soundchecking with Stirling. In need of vocals, Kit recruited his longtime music collaborator and friend Tyler Moon to sing the first single, “Little Ways.” Tyler, shying away from being the sole frontman, suggested finding another vocalist to share the mic. They auditioned over 50 vocalist before finding the Oklahoma native Ryan Riveros, who had only recently moved to Los Angeles to work for CBS radio.

After releasing two singles to great fanfare and adding Ryan to the group, Moonlit Kit began working on their proper debut EP. Working with producer Math Bishop (U2, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club), they released their debut EP “Little Ways” in October of 2017. They continue to work in an unorthodox way, as Kit and Drew continue touring the world with Lindsey Stirling and starting songs in dressing rooms, now with Ryan and Tyler fleshing them out back at Moonlit Kit’s studio in Los Angeles.