Little Ways

It's a war if you know where to look
See the bait, but you won't see the hook
There's a time when we all must decide
Who’s in charge of our meek, humble lives

You and I could change the world
Even if somebody’s richer
You and I may change the world
Even if someone there's quicker
Take my hand, don't let go
Don't show that fear on your face
You and I will change the world
In all our little ways

It's a job we were chosen to do
It's a choice to keep power with you
It's a game were the winners take all
If you lose you'll be chained to the ball

If we wait and we fail do we stand down
If we wait and succeed where do we go
How do we lead

Say You Love

I’ve know it for a while
The treason in your smile
I’m no longer pleading the 5th
If I left it up to you
Would you swear to tell the truth
Or repeat the entire myth

You can say you love and can’t live without me
The way you love leaves me with doubt
There’s no more reason needed
To keep our end impeded

The reflection in your eyes
Shows many other guys
Standing there in my place
Now the verdicts handed down
The glorious sound
Of the gavel winning my case

Honey I know it I gotta say it
I know where you’ve been
I know what your words meant
Honey I know it I gotta say it
I know where you’ve been I know where your
Going love, go there without me I’m the one, that’s what I’m doubting
Can’t you see this?
All that we’ll miss